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  Tråd: Worth a try?

Svar: 2
Lest: 34

InnleggForum: Annet   Skrevet: on. nov. 27, 2019 08:42   Emne: Worth a try?
It’s the duty of any man to try sex with two girls. Then it will be too late. If there is such an opportunity, always agree and try this option. If there are no suitable girls, order them on the site ...
  Tråd: Holidays in Europe!

Svar: 1
Lest: 14

InnleggForum: Internasjonalt   Skrevet: on. nov. 27, 2019 06:19   Emne: Holidays in Europe!
Hello, Paris is a city of romantics, I envy you, because this is a great choice of city for a great time, if you have nowhere to stay on holidays, I can advise a great company https://www.glamourapart ...
  Tråd: Which is more practical?

Svar: 1
Lest: 16

InnleggForum: Annet   Skrevet: ti. nov. 26, 2019 02:55   Emne: Which is more practical?
Tell me, is marble practical in the open air? I want to install a marble countertop in the barbecue area, in the backyard, but don’t know how it will behave over the years. Will it turn yellow? Will i ...
  Tråd: Have you tried this?

Svar: 2
Lest: 50

InnleggForum: Annet   Skrevet: ma. nov. 18, 2019 02:36   Emne: Have you tried this?
Hello everyone! I want to try BDSM, but my wife does not share my views. What do you recommend?
  Tråd: Lesbian escorts are nice

Svar: 2
Lest: 63

InnleggForum: Øvrige diskusjoner   Skrevet: fr. nov. 15, 2019 11:29   Emne: Lesbian escorts are nice
The best escort I have ever found was https://escortbristol.info/ Girls are chosen for every taste and color. I like to order latinos or Asian women. Local whores are already tired, but Latin asses ar ...
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