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By John Kwoba

NAIROBI Wholesale Jerseys , July 25 (Xinhua) -- Kenya managed only one Main Cup appearance at the Commonwealth Games despite appearing in all editions since rugby Sevens' introduction in Malaysia in 1998.

However, Coach Paul Treu is confident. Past results will have no effect on his team's ability to claim their maiden medal at the Club Games, when they take on Cook Island on Saturday in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

"I have come to Kenya certain they can do well and win at the highest level. Last season, I came in midway and was not able to steer the team to any major victories. But as we focus on the Commonwealth Games Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys , the target is to get to the medal podium," said Treu on Friday.

Ever since rugby sevens was introduced to the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia in 1998, Kenya has attended all four editions over the years where they are yet to win any medals.

However, recent performances at the International Rugby Board (IRB) World Series have confirmed that the country is on the development path Cheap Baseball Jerseys , and is a matter of when and not if they will win their first Main Cup title.

Kenya was eliminated in the Bowl quarters in their debut show in Kuala Lumpar back in 1998.

Still a full amateur side, Kenya managed to get to the Bowl Semis four years later in Manchester and improved to the Bowl finals in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.

It was a planned rise and four years ago, Kenya missed out on the bronze medal losing to Fiji in the third and fourth play-ff match in New Delhi India in 2010.

All this performances were achieved with a local technical bench with the team playing unit being full amateurs. That has since changed and a professional coach in Treu from South Africa will be guiding the team for the first time in the history of the competition.

Treu took over from Englishman Mike Friday who helped the team finish in fourth position in the 2012-2013 IRB World Series campaign Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys , the country's highest ranking in the international competition. Last season, Kenya finished seventh after Treu came in mid-season to take charge.

"I have now got to know the team, their playing style and areas that need to be worked on. We are on the right path and we will deliver the results," said Treu.

Ironically Cheap Wholesale MLB Jerseys , four of Treu's players have been in the last Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010. They are former captain Humphrey Kayange, his brother Collins Injera, who is now the current vice-captain, Andrew Amonde (Captain) and Biko Adema.

Treu is yet to propel the team to new heights after taking over the side this season and this is likely to be his chance for redemption.

In Glasgow Cheap MLB Jerseys Online , he will come up against his native South Africa, Cook Islands and Trinidad and Tobago.

South Africa finished the IRB World Series season in the second place and have a superior win aggregate over Kenya in past encounters.

The two sides have met six times this season with South Africa winning five of those encounters and Kenya only beating them once at the Plate Semi-finals of the Scotland leg of the circuit.

Even though the two teams have met numerous times in the IRB circuit they have never met before in the previous four editions of the Commonwealth games.

Kenya will be hoping that the luck they had in Scotland in the IRB circuit will extend to the Commonwealth games in order for them to top the pool.

Kenya will, however, still have to be wary of Trinidad & Tobago and the Cook Islands who are the other two contestants in the pool.

Both sides are non-core teams in the IRB series standings Cheap MLB Jerseys From China , but still have the ability to cause an upset when given the chance.

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