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ercent posted in the first quarte

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Registrert: 20.04.2018
Innlegg: 573

InnleggSkrevet: ma. mars 18, 2019 03:59    Emne: ercent posted in the first quarte Svar med sitat

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Hillary Clinton's supporters nervously eyed opinion polls showing the Democrat with a tenuous lead over Republican rival Donald Trump on Thursday as the White House candidates raced through vital battleground states in a late search for votes.

Clinton was leading Trump by 6 percentage points, a ReutersIpsos poll found on Wednesday. That was the same advantage she held before FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress last week saying the agency had found a new cache of emails potentially related to its probe of Clinton emails.

Other polls have shown a far closer race, fueling Democratic worries about the state of the race just five days before Tuesday's election. Clinton's national lead over Trump eroded to 3 percentage points among likely voters in a New York TimesCBS News poll on Thursday, down from 9 points just two weeks ago.

An average of polls compiled by the RealClearPolitics website also showed her lead at 1.7 percentage points on Thursday, well down from the solid advantage she had until late last month.

"I’m worried that Trump may win Ecco Gtx UK Sale ," said Nancy Dubs, 83, a retiree in Pittsburgh, who said she was voting for Clinton. "I think it’s maybe time to have a female president."

For Clinton supporters, it has been a quick shift from confidence to anxiety.

"I think all of us are a little bit nervous Ecco Toe Tie UK Sale ,” said Rajnandini Pillai, a professor at California State University at San Marcos, who plans to back Clinton. "It seemed pretty much in the bag a couple weeks ago."

Nevertheless, some polls showed Clinton recovering slightly from her slide in the past week. She has maintained her comfortable edge in the ReutersIpsos poll and inched back into a 2-point lead over Trump in the latest Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll, which had shown Clinton falling slightly behind Trump earlier this week.

President Barack Obama www.eccoshoeuksale.com , on the third day of a multi-state campaign trek for Clinton, adopted a sense of urgency before a raucous crowd at Florida International University.

"You have the chance to shape history," Obama said. "There are times where history is ... moveable. Where you can make things better or worse. This is one of those moments."

The tightening White House race has rattled financial markets as investors weigh a possible Trump victory. Investors have generally seen Clinton as the candidate who would maintain the status quo, while there is more market uncertainty over what a Trump presidency might mean in terms of economic policy, free trade and geopolitics.

Global equity prices drifted lower on Thursday as worries about the election weighed on investor sentiment.

(GRAPHIC: Race to the White House http:tmsnrt.rs298mTyD)


With the White House race decided on the Electoral College system of tallying wins on a state-by-state basis Ecco Shoes UK Sale Online , Clinton and Trump are focused on a handful of battleground states. Trump began the day in Florida before heading to North Carolina for two rallies. Clinton was in North Carolina for two rallies.

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