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Strategy game "corridors" (sports betting)

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Registrert: 24.03.2019
Innlegg: 12

InnleggSkrevet: fr. april 12, 2019 20:59    Emne: Strategy game "corridors" (sports betting) Svar med sitat

Strategy game "corridors" (sports betting)

Corridors – one of the most famous strategies to date, the effectiveness of which has been repeatedly proven in betting on different sports. This is a special strategy of playing in bookmakers with minimal risks, allowing you to win large sums with high accuracy of forecasts.

The strategy for the corridor

Corridor – a two-shoulder betting strategy, in which both bets have a chance to win at the same time, and one of the bets 100% will be successful. It has a lot in common with forks, but if the strategy forks bets are made on opposite outcomes and one of them is sure to lose, then in the corridors of both bets can be winning, because the outcomes are not mutually exclusive.

In simple words, the player forms a corridor of two bets, between which there is a certain space – the result of the match, when both bets play. That is, you need to get into this corridor to get the final profit. Otherwise, one of the bets will be successful, and the second – losing.

To use the strategy corridors it is recommended to register in several bookmakers to be able to choose a more favorable coefficient for each shoulder. Ideally, the rate on the first shoulder should be done in one BC, and the second – in another office.

Example corridors in the rates

We will bet on the football match Liverpool – Manchester United, we will allocate 100 dollars for betting on this match. After the pre-match analysis, we made a 1:2 forecast in favor of the guests from Manchester. Based on this forecast, we form a corridor. Consider the example of a corridor with totals.

It is necessary to bet on TB(2.5) and TM(3.5), as according to our forecast the teams will score three goals. If the prediction is accurate, we will go into the corridor and win both bets.

The first bet is $ 40 per TB(2.5) with a odds of 1.92.

The second bet is $ 60 per TM(3.5) with a coefficient of 1.35.

If the match will be scored exactly three goals, then both bets will play and profit will be: 40 × 1.92 + 60 × 1.35 – 100 = 57.8 dollars.

If less than three goals, the first bet will lose, and the second – will win. In this case, the player will lose: 100 – 60 × 1.35 = 19 dollars.

If more than three goals, then the first bet wins, and the second will be a loss. Losses in this situation: 100 – 40 × 1.92 = 23.2 dollars.

The options of corridors may be different. For example, more cautious TB(1.5) and TM(3.5). Or a more accurate corridor of TB(2.5) and TM(3.0), where one of the bets will be calculated by the coefficient 1 in the ideal scenario.

Corridor strategy in basketball betting

Most often, this strategy is used in betting on basketball, which contributes to the effectiveness of this sport and a huge range of odds and totals in bookmakers. For example, according to the player's forecast, the basketball game Ephesus – real will end with the victory of the second team with a difference of 4-6 points. Therefore, you need to make the following corridor: F1(+6.5) and F2(-3.5). Few betting strategies basketball can be compared with the corridors for the ratio of risk and income potential.

Basketball is undoubtedly the best option, but remember that bets on the corridor strategy should be made only on the sport in which you are very well versed and know how to make the most accurate forecasts. It can be used for many sports: tennis, football, handball, American football, table tennis, volleyball, etc.

Often the corridors are called tactics of the game, not a strategy, and many resources include corridors to the types of bets in bookmakers. This question should be of concern to theorists, the main thing is that in practice, the corridors really give results, so this strategy in its Arsenal should have every better.
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Registrert: 24.03.2019
Innlegg: 10

InnleggSkrevet: lø. april 13, 2019 15:18    Emne: Svar med sitat

Interesting information for betters and not only. Corridor as a strategy is an effective means of making a profit. But it must be applied very wisely. Pre-calculate all your actions and analyze the state of the bookmaker line. Then luck may smile at you. I do not use this strategy because I have not yet understood it. But still ahead.
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Registrert: 13.04.2019
Innlegg: 5

InnleggSkrevet: lø. april 13, 2019 21:00    Emne: Svar med sitat

the information is interesting but incomprehensible to me. I'm just looking for information on projections for UEFA Champions League Champion. The final will take place on June 1st. How can one use the corridor strategy for whom to put in the semifinal and final? I would really like to win out the money. it's summer ahead.
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Registrert: 24.03.2019
Innlegg: 8

InnleggSkrevet: sø. april 14, 2019 05:58    Emne: Svar med sitat

I agree with the author of the topic that this betting strategy continues to exist due to the diversity of bookmaker offices https://22bet.com/ that make different odds for one event, for a total or a head start match. And the very essence of such bets is that when drawing up totals “corridors” are formed due to which the player can earn. Therefore, the player must bet on the same event and at the same time on different totals. And in order to do this you need to use several bookmakers where different totals are offered for the same event.
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Registrert: 24.03.2019
Innlegg: 10

InnleggSkrevet: sø. april 14, 2019 19:12    Emne: Svar med sitat

If a corridor is viewed as a bet, at which a player risks a certain amount in order to win with a certain coefficient, then the question arises: is it worth risking your money for the sake of this coefficient? Would you do that? I think that in the long run, such a game will lead to losses. But the game on the overvalued corridors gives a gain in perspective. Therefore, the game on the corridors requires a very careful assessment of the probability of hitting the corridor.
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